Methods of payment


We invite you to pay the maximum attention in the selection of the color of the product in sale. Any error in the choice of the variation will be replaced at the expense of the client.


The payment of the price of the products and the shipping can happen through credit card. Financial information (for instance, the number of credit card / debt or the date of his/her expiration) will be late, through encrypted protocol, to PayPal, that furnishes the relative services of electronic payment to distance, without third is able in some way to have the access. Such information, won’t be never used by Miss Bikini if not to complete the relative procedures of the purchase and to send forth the relative reimbursements in case of possible restitutions of the products, following exercise of the right of recess, or if it makes necessary to prevent or to signal the errand of frauds to the strengths of police on


Contested the integrity of your purchase, MISS Bikini will send the reimbursement to the client within 30 working days from the date of reentry in firm of the commodity.

It will be care of the client to furnish the banking coordinates to the MISS Bikini (Cod. ABI CAB Counts Current of the owner of the bead of delivery), with the purpose to get the restitution of the price.


ATTENTION: is possible to purchase at the most 5 pieces for purchase!